Purchase Products

While we are awaiting the set-up for accepting credit cards and on-line payment options, we will be using the electronic money transfer (EMT) method.

**Update** 14/09/19 -  We can now accept payment by PayPal. Follow the steps below, and include your PayPal email address.  We will generate a PayPal invoice and forward it to you.

Step 1: Determine which product(s) you require (MatchGrade Rifle Bedding Compound, MatchGrade Synthetic Stock Stabilizer), and the quantity of each.

Step 2: Click on the Canada Post link on the Shipping page and fill in the "Find a Rate" form.  

Step 3: Send us an email stating which kits, and how many of each you want, and the estimate from Canada Post.  Include your physical mailing address and contact numbers.

We will review your order, and email you a confirmation that it is correct.  We will include instructions for forwarding the EMT.  Your order will be shipped within three days of receiving the confirmation of funds transfer.